Marketing With Articles – 4 Ways to Promote Your Business by Marketing With Articles

Marketing with articles is one of the best ways to promote your business. It is easy and cost effective. You can either write or have written a set of articles to use for your article marketing.

4 ways to promote your business by marketing with articles:

1. Article distribution: article distribution is the best way to drive many quality visitors to your site. You can submit articles manually to the article directories, software can be used or you can use a distribution service. It is important that you include as many article directories at possible as these will give you valuable back links.

2. Website content: Website content is important for pre selling to your website visitors. It is important not to use the same articles for your website content as you do for your article distribution. This is because the search engines will consider your website content as duplicate content.

3. Newsletter articles: It is important to use original articles in your newsletter. This will improve the quality of your publication and allow you to build a better relationship with your subscribers. You will also be able to retain subscribers with a good newsletter. Over time your subscribers will become your customers, and trust you with their business.

4. Free gifts like e-books and reports are another way to market with articles. You can expand articles to make reports and e-books. Grant giveaway rights with your reports and e-books and you will see that you can draw many visitors to your site with viral marketing.